Monday, July 23, 2012

Women in Lust edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Release Date: November 8th, 2011
Publisher: Cleis Press
Page Count: 209
Source: Complimentary copy provided by Naked Reader Book Club in exchange for an honest an unbiased review


At its best, lust is intense, all-consuming, leaving you breathless, able only to focus on slaking that urgent need. The characters in Women in Lust give in to that pure, overpowering impulse for sex. Whether watching a lover playing guitar, using a webcam, going out for a smoke or simply embracing a chance encounter, these women seize the opportunities presented to them, and savor the lovers who teach them about themselves and help them open up to new sensual possibilities. These women embrace lust even when it makes them do things they might consider reckless. Sometimes the object of their lust is not the "right" person—a woman falls for her best friend's boyfriend, the ultimate taboo. Or desire itself may be maddening when it teases and taunts. Rachel Kramer Bussel has brought together top erotica authors who know exactly what to do with those burning desires.
What Stephanie Thinks: What I love about Women in Lust is that it's a mixed bag of delicious, sinful erotic stories. The title insinuates its a lesbian anthology, but it has all sorts of stories – straight, lesbian, couple, threesome, etc. — that all women will be sure to enjoy.

Stories: I love their diversity! Not only in storyline, but also in heat level and theme. Some are sizzling, some are vanilla, some are intense — just reading them form bruises on my flesh — and some are heart-tingling. This book is a great collection of such a broad assortment of stories that you'll never get bored with, and one that certainly won't dissatisfy.

Writing quality: Rachel Kramer Bussel is among my favorite Cleis authors/editors. She does a fabulous job picking the PERFECT stories for her anthologies, so of course Women in Lust didn't disappoint! The quality of the writing conventions-wise is also fantastic; typo count, zero, which is so hard to come by in erotica these days.

Complaints: None, none at all. Maybe the racy cover...? It's hot, but not the kind of book I can take on a bus to read. I'm not that shameless! Otherwise, this is one of my favorite erotica anthologies I've read.

Stories I liked: I can't pick one or two like I usually do! So here's four: 'Smoke' by Elizabeth Coldwell, 'Orchid' by Jacqueline Applebee, 'Cherry Blossom' by Kayar Silkenvoice, and 'Beneath My Skin' by Shanna Germain.

Stephanie Loves: ""

Radical Rating: 5 stars

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